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I’ve been studying the Bhagavad Gita in my yoga teacher training course as the last part of our 300 hour program and I must say the best was saved for last!

I have posted a few times on my Facebook page, “Ahhhh – yoga, pranayama & meditation. A wonderful way to start the day”. I truly mean this!  Last week when I was teaching my yoga class, I talked about this as well to my students.  I have noticed that every time I follow the sequence of yoga, pranayama & meditation, I DO have a nice / better / great day.

Last week when I taught my Friday morning class, I continued to teach for the upcoming Kapha season.  I incorporate Ayurveda into my class every week, giving suggestions about how to balance yourself with Dinacharya (daily routines) and Ritucharya (seasonal routines).  

Creating a yoga sequence for a class I plan to teach always comes to me in the early morning.  I’m an early riser and those dark early mornings seem to be my most creative time (just in case you didn’t know, early morning is vata time of day – and vata equals creativity!).

When the seasons change, we need to make changes to ourselves to stay in balance.   Kapha season is arriving soon and this means you should make changes to your diet and lifestyle as well as changes in the way you practice yoga.  Check out the blog I wrote about Kapha season in Ayurveda.

When you’re sidelined with an injury, waiting for that injury to heal can take a tremendous amount of patience.  For an active yogini, not being able to practice asana is a real challenge, especially when you know how a yoga practice calms you!  I find that my practice of asana brings me peace and tranquility.  It’s quite a spiritual thing and I’ve recently been side tracked with a low back issue so my… Read More