Wellness With Lois


As we are nearing the end of VATA season, you may be experiencing bouts of airiness, including lack of focus, feeling spacey or maybe like your attention to anything or everything is not really in focus at all.

Pranayama, or breath work, is an incredible way to move energy through the body to attain different benefits to the body and mind.  Check out the YouTube I created today in the Lake Tahoe National Forest explaining the benefits of Nadi Shodana and how to do it as well.        

I have posted a few times on my Facebook page, “Ahhhh – yoga, pranayama & meditation. A wonderful way to start the day”. I truly mean this!  Last week when I was teaching my yoga class, I talked about this as well to my students.  I have noticed that every time I follow the sequence of yoga, pranayama & meditation, I DO have a nice / better / great day.