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I’ve been studying the Bhagavad Gita in my yoga teacher training course as the last part of our 300 hour program and I must say the best was saved for last!

Last week when I taught my Friday morning class, I continued to teach for the upcoming Kapha season.  I incorporate Ayurveda into my class every week, giving suggestions about how to balance yourself with Dinacharya (daily routines) and Ritucharya (seasonal routines).  

Creating a yoga sequence for a class I plan to teach always comes to me in the early morning.  I’m an early riser and those dark early mornings seem to be my most creative time (just in case you didn’t know, early morning is vata time of day – and vata equals creativity!).

When you think about chair yoga, do you picture in your mind weak people who have limited movement?  Have you had thoughts that maybe those who practice yoga asana using a chair are lazy and just want to say they “do” yoga?

Last week in my blog a wrote about being sidetracked with a low back injury and how I had to relax with restorative poses.  This week, I was reading my homework assignment, chapter 5 and there was a great article by Judith Lasater called Out of Joint.  This article was about the Sacroiliac Joint and how it can cause lower back pain.

Rectus Abdominis Muscle!  That’s my focus this past week, not only when I practice, but when I teach too.  I pick this as the energetic idea to focus on this week because it’s a real trouble spot for me.  I also choose to focus on this area because it’s Vata season and Vata resides in the large intestine and by working the rectus abdominis, you’re also working the large intestine. As much… Read More

This last week has been my most challenging week since I started my yoga teacher training at Brentwood Yoga Center.  My yoga teacher training program requires three hours a week for my home practice, but this week I fell a little short.

For the next few weeks, my assignment, as a student at Brentwood Yoga Center, is to write a summation about discoveries from the work assigned, which IS (drum roll please!), energetic ideas.  Okay, I actually shortened this since I need to write a full-page and if I wrote the entire assignment it would: