Corporate Wellness

Wellness, true wellness, is helping people to find balance in their life with diet, lifestyle, meditation, breath work and sleep.

Learning this combination will bring health, well being and will even reduce your insurance costs.

Chronic disease, which is usually due to unhealthy lifestyle, cannot only cost an enormous amount of money to an employee, but can effect an employer with costs such excessive absenteeism and distraction at work.  There are five major areas that, if addressed and modified, can create a savings of not only money, but their future health and well being of employees and their dependents.

Researchers have found that for every dollar spent on workplace wellness, employers save $3.27 on direct medical costs and $2.73 on costs associated with employees being absent from work.

Diet – Ayurveda, (the Science of Life) says that Ahara (food, water, air and perceptions) is the key to digestion, and digestion is the key to health.  Learning to eat properly creates healthy digestion.  Proper digestion leads to health, which ultimately leads to lack of disease.  Lack of disease equals health!  Diet is an individual thing because each person is unique.  Learning what is right for each person will make your health optimal.

Lifestyle – Ayurveda says that Vihara (lifestyle) makes an enormous contribution to health as well as Ahara.  Vihara includes living within the rhythms of life.  Sleeping, waking and eating at the proper times.  Developing routines for each day, season and time of life.

Meditation.  Stress can be both mental (or a sense of perception) as well as physical, which effects all aspects of mind and body. Meditation is a powerful tool to calm not only the mind but it invokes the parasympathetic nervous system. Learning to meditate can make an incredible difference to any kind of stress!  There is no one way to meditate.  Just learning the basics of how to meditate and finding what works for the individual.

Breath control or Pranayama.  Learning to breath can have an incredible effect for each individual person.  There are specific breathing exercises that can be used to further calmness and grounding based on individual need.

Sleep or Nidra falls in one of the top five items that makes the biggest impact on life.  Getting the right amount of sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Learning how to set yourself up to accomplish that goal however, requires guidance for optimal results.

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