Consultations and Services

Consultations include:

Helping you to establish your dosha and identify your Prakriti (natural state) and whether or not It’s in balance.   Helping you to establish a diet and lifestyle for your individual needs based on your current state (vikriti) to help you return to your natural state.

Private Yoga sessions to help you grow both physically and spiritually.

Services include:

Abhyangha (warm oil application over your body) A whole body warm oil application!  A wonderful oil that is picked specifically for the individual person is warmed to just above body temperature.  The warmed oil begins with the head, face, feet and then is then applied all over the body.





Shiro Dhara (warm stream of oil moving across the forehead) This procedure has an incredible calming effect on the mind!  A stream of oil that streams back and forth across the forehead brings calming to the mind.  This procedure can be useful for many issue including insomnia.

Shiro Dhara

Shiro Dhara











Vasti (oil retention for specific spots on the body with pain)  Using a ring made from black gram paste, the ring is placed over the area of injury/pain such as the back or knee and filled with warm medicated oil.  The oil is kept warm by removing the cool oil and replacing it with warm oil.  The effected area begins to heal from the combination of medicated oil along with heat.


Vasti Ring



Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti

Pichu (warm oil treatment for painful/injured areas) This procedure has the same effect as Vasti, but allows the treatment of warm oil in spots where a ring can’t be applied due to the location of the injury, such as the side of the leg or an ankle.  The oil is warmed just slightly above body temperature and a cotton swab or gauze is dipped into the warm oil and placed on the injured site.  The gauze is rotated with another to keep the site warm and healing.

Pichu procedure

Pichu procedure

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