This last week has been my most challenging week since I started my yoga teacher training at Brentwood Yoga Center.  My yoga teacher training program requires three hours a week for my home practice, but this week I fell a little short. Read More

For the next few weeks, my assignment, as a student at Brentwood Yoga Center, is to write a summation about discoveries from the work assigned, which IS (drum roll please!), energetic ideas.  Okay, I actually shortened this since I need to write a full-page and if I wrote the entire assignment it would: Read More

I’m enrolled in a yoga teacher training program at the Brentwood Yoga Center.  This is a 300 hour program which takes me to a different level than my initial 200 hour teacher training program. It’s a funny thing about taking a training program like this, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know! The assignment I’m working on right now is to pick an energetic idea that I’ve learned in class, practice it at home and teach it to your class.  Read More