Pranayama, or breath work, is an incredible way to move energy through the body to attain different benefits to the body and mind.  Check out the YouTube I created today in the Lake Tahoe National Forest explaining the benefits of Nadi Shodana and how to do it as well.





In my last post I wrote about Ahara as the first step in creating great health.  Ahara is defined as all that we take in including food, water, air and perceptions. Read More

I recently worked with a person named Ruth (the name has been changed to protect the innocent) who needed help with insomnia.  I went over her health history and listened to her talk about what issues she was dealing with.   Read More


First off let me just say, I am not a hater of Western Medicine or even of prescription drugs.  There has been tremendous strides with some very basic prescription drugs due to research.  Take for instance antibiotics.  If you ever had a severe sinus infection or ear infection, you need to have it taken care of fast!  There are many necessary prescription drugs that can save you and that’s pretty darned important. Read More

Cleansing has become very popular over the last few years.  Most of the cleanses I’ve heard about are right after the first of the year when the guilt kicks in for the overindulgences during the holiday season.  We feel guilty about the candy and cookies and junk and the big meals that leave us feeling sluggish and heavy. Read More

A daily routine (Dinacharya) may sound a little dull, but in Ayurvedic terms, it falls under Swastha Vritta, which means The Science of Ayurvedic Prevention. Read More

It’s vata season according to Ayurveda, which welcomes in fall and the early part of winter.  During this time of year the elements of air and space prevail – think wind and cold and rain! Read More

It’s DHARMA Time!

I’ve been studying the Bhagavad Gita in my yoga teacher training course as the last part of our 300 hour program and I must say the best was saved for last! Read More

As I sit in restaurants and watch the wait staff deliver ice water to everyone who comes in, I look around at the patrons of the restaurants, just observing. I swear, I’m not passing judgement, but I do see a lot of people with issues. Read More

Studying the yoga sutras as part of my advanced teacher training program has been quite interesting.  I studied the sutras during my initial yoga teacher training program with Diane Valentine, but the more in depth teacher training requires more in depth study of the yoga sutras.   Read More