Jyotish – THE Sister Science

When I first started taking Yoga teacher training back in 2012, I had no idea where or what that road would lead me to or even IF that road would lead me anywhere.  I thought I just wanted to teach yoga since I liked it so much!

But here I am six years later studying and pouring my heart into a sister science of yoga called Jyotish.  And just so you understand, there are quite a few sciences that are related to Yoga.  They all fall under the VEDIC science category.  All limbs of the Vedic studies are ancient sciences taught by the ancient Rishis from thousands of years ago.  The sciences were passed down generation after generation orally (no books, no computer programs OH MY!).


As a result of taking my first yoga teacher training at The Yoga and Movement Center in Walnut Creek, CA, I immediately enrolled in an Ayurveda course, and then continued to the second level of Ayurveda training.  During the teachings of Ayurveda, I learned about Jyotish.  Soon after, I attended a Sister Sciences course in New Mexico at the Ayurvedic Institute, led by Dr. Vasant Lad.  What an amazing week.  The course included Jyotish (vedic astrology), Vastu (vedic placement), Hasta (vedic palm reading) and Yoga.

I knew I had to continue in the Jyotish field!  It was calling me.  I began working with my wonderful teacher Steven Highburger.   What an amazing lineage Steven has learned from.  After a year or so, I needed more, so with Steven’s recommendation, I added a second teacher, Michael Manzella.  It’s important to follow in the same lineage when learning and adding teachers!

So here I am today, ready to spread some of what I’ve learned to others.  Learning Jyotish takes a long, long time as it’s a huge subject.  Much bigger and complex than I ever expected.  So forgive me at this point when I keep saying “Im not there yet”.  It’s normal to happen slowly.

My plan is to share information to help you understand yourself and to help you on your wellness path.  And that (like the hookey pokey) IS what it’s all about!


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