Employer Wellness Programs

Employer Wellness Programs have taken over recently as the hottest new thing that a company needs for its employees, but what does this really mean?

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake

Many Wellness Plans include things like encouraging employees to get their cholesterol, and blood pressure checked along with blood sugar levels.  The idea with these “wellness” checks are to help employees know where they are and if their levels are outside of the ranges set by the most recent standards, steps are taken to get the participants back in the box.

The steps include things such as

  • Increased exercise (maybe a little competitive challenge on steps between departments)
  • Reducing fats in the diet to help lower cholesterol
  • Lower carbohydrate diet to help lower blood sugars


Seriously, but what if there was as different solution?  What if you could learn to eat and live your life for your individual self.  Not a generalization like BMI (Body Mass Index) or your total cholesterol should be under 200.  What if you found a system that helped you to be your optimal self based on your specific needs.

Ayurveda helps each and every individual learn about their own uniqueness and how to eat and drink and sleep for their unique self.  Not only that, but what daily routines help support each person, including exercise, foods, how to take care of the body and of course the important item of S L E E P!

Now… WHAT IF THERE WAS A HOLISTIC CORPORATE WELLNESS program that an employer could purchase for her/his employees to teach them exactly that.  By now you’ve guessed it, there IS A HOLISTIC CORPORATE WELLNESS SYSTEM based on the science of Ayurveda.

It’s called HOLISTIC CORPORATE WELLNESS.  Back when I was in Ayurveda school, I kept thinking there has to be a way to get this information out to the masses.  I fell in love with the science of Ayurveda because it made sense.  For example, why does my friend Sue love the hot summer days while I feel like I’m melting.  Why does my friend Sam love to eat grains and he doesn’t have any issues with his digestion, while I can’t eat much in the grain department at all.  And then I would read an article that talks about how important grains are in the diet, and if you don’t eat them, how your brain won’t work so well.  Does that mean I should eat them anyway and just “deal” with the discomfort? The answer is NOOOOOOO, all foods clearly don’t work for all people.  We are all unique.  Food is unique but you have to pay attention to how you feel.

This is the uniqueness of Ayurveda.  It’s very individualized.  You have to learn to pay attention to your own unique self.

Wellness also deals with daily and seasonal routines, again based the uniqueness of each person.

So why a Holistic Corporate Wellness program instead of a regular canned Employer Wellness program?  Employer’s need to be very very careful about information.  Information that can be collected from employees such as blood sugar, cholesterol levels or weight for examples can open a HUGE can of worms.  This is private and protected information.  All sorts of laws can be violated if this information gets out such as ERISA, EEOC. There’s also HIPPA, ADA, Genetic Information and Nondiscrimation Act.  Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. I think you get the idea.  Privacy  is everything!

Holistic Corporate Wellness works with western medicine, but it also takes an entire different life of it’s own.  Western medicine leaves off how to take care of our basic needs and this again is where Ayurveda comes in.

It’s time to open your mind and look beyond the western medicine idea of Wellness (aka early detection only)!

Let me know if I can help you to help your company with Holistic Corporate Wellness!






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