Time for a Spring Cleanse!

Cleansing has become very popular over the last few years.  Most of the cleanses I’ve heard about are right after the first of the year when the guilt kicks in for the overindulgences during the holiday season.  We feel guilty about the candy and cookies and junk and the big meals that leave us feeling sluggish and heavy.

However…..according to Ayurveda, the first of the year is probably not the optimal time for a cleanse.  The first of the year is in the middle of VATA season (north of the equator).  You don’t want to cause the body stress during Vata season, since Vata is an easily disturbed dosha all by itself.

If you are feeling sluggish and heavy in the body and or the mind at this time of year, you  may indeed need a cleanse.  Ritusandhi represents the period between seasons.  Roughly speaking it is approximately eight days at the end of one season and ending eight days after the beginning of the new season, or approximately 15 days.  This is the time to change your food which is typically heavier in Vata season to a lighter diet for the incoming Kapha season.  AND… yes, it’s the best time to do an Ayurvedic Cleanse!

The idea of a cleanse, according to Ayurveda, is to ease into the next season.  A wonderful plan is to switch to a diet of Kitchari, which an incredibly easy food to digest.  But there’s more than the food here.  There’s also the mind which often needs a cleanse as well.

Eating lighter not only brings digestive relief, but it also brings relief to the mind (or manas).

After the “cleanse”, you start easing the body into a routine for new season.  Rasayana, which means rejuvenate,


Spring Daffodil

is next.  Slowly transitioning the body into the new season of Kapha means switching from heavier foods of Vata season to lighter foods in kapha season (notice I didn’t say raw foods!).  This cleanse is the ideal way to make the transition.

There are some wonderful Rasayana’s such as Chyavanprash (I love the products from Banyan Botanicals by the way!).  A wonderful tasting jam that has a great combination of herbs to help the body rejuvenate after a cleanse or panchakarma.

Please let me know if you have learned anything from this post.  It’s my Dharma!!



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