As I sit in restaurants and watch the wait staff deliver ice water to everyone who comes in, I look around at the patrons of the restaurants, just observing. I swear, I’m not passing judgement, but I do see a lot of people with issues.

When it comes my turn, I always ask for water, no ice.  Everyone who sits with me has heard me says the words “Don’t order Ice,  it ruins your digestion!” and I think 90% of the time – everyone ignores me.

I hear all the excuses:

  1. But ice is so refreshing
  2. If I drink warm water I’ll have a hot flash
  3. That doesn’t make any sense, how can ice cause that?
  4. I heard that drinking ice water makes your system work harder
  5. I don’t believe a word you’re saying (actually they never say that out loud but I know what they’re thinking!)
  6. Or worse, they laugh at me when they ask for ice water  –  REALLY??

Then you go to a really upscale restaurant and they bring water without ice.  I hear that the restaurants in Europe don’t serve ice either.  Maybe because they are physically closer to the origins of Ayurveda and they get it?

I was at Hog Island Restaurant at the Ferry Building in San Francisco a few months ago and I witnessed a customer sending the waitress back with the waters because they insisted on ice water.

Did I mention that on Tuesdays, after my yoga class, I usually go to coffee with two or three of my fellow yoginis and despite how much I try to convince my friends (and I’m not naming names!) they ignore me.


STOP, no ice!

Stop, no ice!

Okay, so please pay attention.  And please don’t stop drinking ice water or iced anything else just in my presence, stop drinking it because it’s bad for your digestion.

Your digestive fire lies in your stomach.  The elements are predominately fire with a small amount of water.  The stomach contains hydrochloric acid which breaks down and digests what comes through the digestive track.  If you were to pour hydrochloric acid on your skin, it would burn you.  But hydrochloric acid is necessary in order to process/digest every thing that comes through the stomach.  After digestion, the tissues (dhatus) are nourished if everything goes well.

When you drink iced drinks, the ice puts the fire out.  When the fire goes out in your digestion, whatever you’ve consumed doesn’t get processed into the tissues (dhatus) that nourish the body.  The undigested food turns into ama which turns into a pathogen and lodges into your weakest spots.  That’s when disease starts.

AND, 90% of diseases start as a result of AMA!  Let me say that one more time in case you just ignored me…. 90% of diseases start as a result of AMA which forms from drinking cold/ice water!.  Stop the ice and cold drinks and bring back your health.

Can you take the challenge and stop drinking those cold icy drinks?

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