Creation of a Yoga Sequence

Creating a yoga sequence for a class I plan to teach always comes to me in the early morning.  I’m an early riser and those dark early mornings seem to be my most creative time (just in case you didn’t know, early morning is vata time of day – and vata equals creativity!).

I always learn something new from my teacher, Sandy Carmellini, when I go to her class and then I try and use something from her class to create my class.

Last week in class, Sandy led us through a very nice sequence that ultimately led to Hanumanasana.  Hamumanasana is the splits but it’s also a backbend.  So that’s what I worked on this week to teach to my class, a sequence to ultimately get to Hanamanasana.



Usually when I have something in mind, I start with an old sequence and modify it.  In fact, nine times out of 10, I’m just modifying a sequence that I’ve previously put together.  Sometimes when I modify an old sequence, it’s just a little tweek here and a little tweet there, but this time it was almost a whole new sequence.

Yoga Sequence re-do

Yoga Sequence re-do

I usually take an old sequence, start to practice my new idea and integrate the new idea into my old sequence.  And that’s what I did this time as well, it’s just that it was a lot of re-doing.  But I find this to be the exciting part of what I do.  In fact, the creation makes me feel energized and when I get to class, I’m really excited with my “new” sequence and I can’t wait to teach it.

It’s finally class time and one student shows up.  Okay, it’s a little disappointing to have just one student but:

  • I have to opportunity to practice a private lesson
  • I have an opportunity to teach partner yoga on at least two poses
  • I can practice being my authentic self

To tell the truth, I have a great time teaching just one student.  She has been a regular student for almost the entire time I’ve been teaching the class.  She even tells me how nice it’s been to see me grow as as a teacher “not that you were bad to begin with” her words, but that’s such a nice thing to hear.

I feel like I’ve come into myself during this two years of teaching.  I’ve learned that I’m not supposed to practice with them but to show them the idea and then work with each person and to help them reach their potential.  None of us will be able to do all of the asana’s and that is a lesson in itself.  But we can all come to class and try to learn and be open to suggestions.

In the class I attend, I am lucky to be surrounded not only by my wonderful teacher, but other teachers in the class who have what I call “the sight”.  Some teachers are truly gifted and can see  – maybe if you move your leg a little this way and broaden your collar bones this way, you too can experience the benefits of the pose.

Ahhh, to be in the presence of great teachers as I am when I go to class, what a wonderful gift!




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