The Practice of Patience

When you’re sidelined with an injury, waiting for that injury to heal can take a tremendous amount of patience.  For an active yogini, not being able to practice asana is a real challenge, especially when you know how a yoga practice calms you!  I find that my practice of asana brings me peace and tranquility.  It’s quite a spiritual thing and I’ve recently been side tracked with a low back issue so my challenge is to find spirituality in other kinds of practice.

So what does a yogini do when she’s sidetracked with an injury?  Restoratives of course!

Ahhh, relaxing into a restorative child's pose, Balasana.

Ahhh, relaxing into a restorative child’s pose, Balasana.

I didn’t teach this last week because I spent the day that I teach at a memorial service for my father-in-law, Shigeru, who recently passed away.  I only teach once a week but sometimes life makes you stop and think, and this was one of those weeks.  I didn’t have to prepare for class since I had a substitute to replace me and that took a little pressure off me.  I like to run through the sequence I have planned a time or two to make sure it flows well.  Not having to practice a sequence that might further aggravate my injury gave me the opportunity to focus on me instead.

Practicing restoratives is great because you get the opportunity to help your body relax.  But let’s face it, I have a lot going on, like a very busy job and studying for my classes etc.  I tend to think about all the productive things I could be doing instead of just relaxing.  And that is where the practice of patience comes in.  Restoratives aren’t just relaxing.  Restorative allows the body to relax so it can heal.  Restoratives allow the mind to relax so the body can heal.

I pulled out my Relax and Renew book by Judith Hanson Lasater and just got to relaxing.  The more I practiced restoratives, the more relaxed I became and yes, the better my back felt.

I am one to say to say that injuries and illnesses can be great gifts to a person if they’re open enough to accept that.  My practice of yoga progresses in very unexpected ways sometimes!


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